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About Us

Maple Classic Collections ("MCC") is a North American company based in Ontario, Canada that designs and develops a complete line of bed and bath linen and bedding products and markets these in USA and Canada.

The product range is manufactured in India, China and Thailand. Our storage facility is in Ontario, Canada. 


We continue to evaluate new sources as we strive to provide more value to our customers by adding products, providing more fabrics options, higher quality and benefits while we move towards more sustainable sourcing. This keeps us ahead of the curve on standards and trends. Sourcing bulk volumes directly from manufacturers keeps us ahead on pricing.

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The Business Model

To be able to provide the best bed and bath linen and bedding products to our customers, we follow a business model of extreme agility where we partner and collaborate with manufacturers that are able to meet our stringent quality and process standards and follow sustainable environmental practices.

​This allows us to not lock our resources in manufacturing capital equipment, and instead we use it for testing and research to get more value for our customers by providing products with high usability, comfort, luxury.

We also invest in resources which help us monitor and review the manufacturing processes and our supply chains on an ongoing basis to ensure partner compliance with our product quality standards and sustainable and safe environmental practices.


Our Expertise

Over the years we have developed expertise in research and testing with the objective to bring the finest and luxurious bed and bath linen and bedding products for our customers.

We research and test the products extensively before including in our portfolio and we disclose precisely the material content and the features that you will experience, NO SURPRISES after purchase.

The testing covers various processes including washing, bleaching, drying through multiple cycles and under varying conditions including short term and long term life testing which help to identify the fabrics that provide most comfort, highest utility value, prolonged fabric life and other benefits such as hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, breathability, moisture absorption, temperature regulation, anti-static, etc.

Our Customers

Our customer base includes online shoppers and businesses such as

  • Retailers and Specialty Stores,

  • Hotels and Resorts, Motels

  • Institutions including:

    • Care Homes

    • Gyms and Health Clubs

    • Spas

    • Nursing Homes

    • Correctional Facilities​

    • Rental Residential Accommodations

Our Commitment


That commitment continues to be one of our guiding principles that are deeply ingrained in our values.